AFABism- a new political movement

AFAB stands for Assigned Female At Birth. AFABism is a new movement to advocate for the rights of anyone whose original birth certificate is marked “female”, or who were otherwise declared/recognized to be female at birth. Contemporary feminism focuses on those who identify as women, and different factions of feminists tediously argue about who is a woman or not. Meanwhile, issues like abortion access and other female anatomy centric problems are unaddressed. AFABism is a pragmatic response to the endless debates about identity. AFABism is entirely unconcerned with identity, only the material reality that all those declared female at birth face in society, because being declared female at birth confers a shared struggle on all who share that experience, regardless of if they are biologically female, or suffer an intersex condition that was later discovered, or if they decide to transition (FTM). AFABism is not opposing of anyone’s feminism. AFABism can be supported in addition to feminism. The word feminism, by itself, does not signify a specific belief set anymore. When someone tells me they are a feminist, I have no idea what they believe based on the label (pro or anti pornography? Pro or anti centering transwomen? Pro or anti natalist?) It has been diluted to the point of uselessness. the issues I care deeply about cannot be addressed by feminism that cannot agree on the definition of woman. The definition of AFAB does not have this problem, the definition is precise and straightforward, as are the shared interests of all of us who are AFAB.